Friday, February 05, 2010

Diaper Deal!!!

Update: This deal is good for any $50 purchase - not just diapers! The site has great deals on disposable diapers, cloth diapers, organic baby food, Seventh Generation products and much more. Go look around!

I would imagine lots of you who read my blog keep up with Money Saving Mom, but in case you don't, there's a great diaper deal you won't want to miss!

Basically you go to and order $49 worth of diapers. ($49 order or more gets you free shipping) When you check out, you can use this referral code GUIL6405 to receive an extra $10 off your order.

After you receive your diapers you can fill out this form to receive a $14.95 rebate.

I just ordered 7 packs of Luvs and a travel pack of wipes (to get my total up to just over $49). After tax, the $10 discount, and the rebate my total will be $25.97 for 7 packages of diapers. That's right around $3.70/pack, which is an awesome deal in itself, plus you get them shipped to your door the next day!

If you use my code, I'll get $5 off my next order. :)

Give it a try! I ordered mine yesterday, and the site said they should be arriving today!


bandanachick said...

I just tried to do this, and they informed me that they don't ship to I'm so ready to move!

Rachel said...

oh stink!

Jeni said...

I don't need diapers right now, but I passed your blog link onto a couple of friends. Hope that was okay.

Rachel said...

Thanks, Jeni!

Lisa said...

I used your code and the box arrived today! yipee for bargains!

Rachel said...

Thank you, Lisa!!!

Anonymous said...
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