Sunday, November 08, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Pumpkin bread
Bacon and swiss quiche
Granola bars
Pancakes on Saturday

Leftover roast beef and swiss subs, pickle spears
PBJ’s and smoothies
Homemade applesauce and grilled cheese
Turkey and swiss melts, strawberries
Grilled chicken wraps

Leftover brisket, PW mashed potatoes, green beans
Chicken scallopine, Caesar salad
Leftover night!
Loaded nachos with guacamole
Corn dogs, fries, grapes (date night)
Baked potato bar - chili, cheese, sour cream
Roast, golden potatoes, carrots, salad, crusty bread
Corn and black bean salsa and chips (family night)


Lynn said...

That's a really cute pic of you and Clare! Love the hats :o)

Kelly said...

Love the pic of you and Clare! So adorable...

PS...I'll be over for dinner all week! ;-)

Anonymous said...

MMMMM, that sounds so good. Thanks for all the links...I need to open up my menu for new things. I'm with Kelly but Alaska is a far drive for dinner guess I'll have to work on my own. :-)

bandanachick said...

Ha, Sarah...were you thinking this was my menu? I wish it was!

Anonymous said...

yes I did...I was soo very jealous. I mean our kids are basically the same age and there is no way I would be able to do all that....I was just in awe.

Anonymous said...

However still realizing now that I was on Rachel's blog and not yours...I can't believe she can do all that. I'm again in awe! Man I need sleep.