Sunday, November 22, 2009

Clare, 6 months

My sweet Clare turned 6 months a couple weeks ago! She is officially out of that tiny baby stage, which makes me a little sad! Here's a little update on what she's doing these days...

  • The big news is, she is crawling!!! All. over. the. place. She is a crazy woman! And very proud of her new skill.
  • As soon as she learned to crawl (which was last week, I think) she started sitting up without help. Now she goes from laying down to crawling to sitting. Which means, it is time to lower the crib, wouldn't you say???
  • She got her first 2 teeth this month, the bottom ones.
  • She loves to eat! Her favorites are bananas, applesauce, and those Gerber wagon wheels.
  • She is no longer quiet in church. (Sad) She has found her voice!
  • She's saying lots of consonants - ma-ma, da-da, ba-ba
  • She nurses during the day, but takes a bottle before bed. And sleeps all night! Clare has been my best sleeper, I think.
  • Last month at the doctor's office she was 17 lbs, 10 0z. Look at those thighs!


Lynn said...

Sooooooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

She's darling with that big bow on her head! Can't wait to see her at Thanksgiving! Mom

Sarah said...

I'm so impressed that she's already busting out push-ups! : ) Lorien saw her at the conference and was pointing at her and saying "Baby!" - like, "C'mon, Mom! Take me over there and lets have some fun with that friend!"

Eryn said...

oh my. looks like it will not be long before she is climbing up on things. i see she is trying to stand already!

MagenRanae said...

:) She's adorable!

~ Rory ~ said...

So sweet and so big! What doll, she is growing up so quickly! There are many days with Wyatt that I would like to just hit the pause button, so that I could enjoy this stage for a little longer.