Monday, July 27, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge - day 1

We interrupted our stay-cation to try out Great Wolf Lodge for a couple days. We've been wanting to try it out for awhile, and it definitely did not disappoint! The boys were over the moon when they saw the water park and everything else, and how could they not be? The place is all. about. kids. (And spending money, sheesh, its a total tourist trap! haha!)

Look who found her thumb! Not sure how I feel about this...

After several hours in the water park, we went to dinner. The boys got to grab an instrument and join all the other kids in a parade around the restaurant. Ethan loved this! Simon chickened out. :)

At 8pm they had story time in the lobby (in your pj's, no less! fun!), and after a bit more exploring, everyone crashed.


Good times! I love family vacations!


Kelly said...

Your family is beautiful, Rachel! It looks like you had a great time at the lodge!! What wonderful memories!!

jenica said...

Ha! What a funny pic of Ethan sleeping!
Claire looks adorable sucking her thumb - it's sure nice for soothing and contentment and they can never lose it. But, yeah, sometime it's hard to break. 2 of mine were easy, but 1 not.

Hope you have a blast on this little get-away.

Anonymous said...

Seriously you've already posted...oh man how do you do it all. It was so fun seeing you there. We shall see how long before I get my own pics up.

Sarah said...

Such cute photos! We've been talking about doing a whole N. family vacation at Great Wolf Lodge, so it's fun to hear reviews! Sounds like a great time. I've always loved traveling, but with little kids there is something so appealing about the "staycation" notion. Glad to hear you are feeling better, and I hope you enjoy the rest of it to the max!