Sunday, May 31, 2009

Little trip to Estes Park

Last weekend, for Memorial Day, we drove to Estes Park and stayed for a few days with some of Dave's family. It was a perfect little get-away, and even with a 3 week old, we had a wonderful time.

It's still pretty cool in Colorado this time of year, and when we hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park, there was still snow on the ground. Here are a few shots from the weekend.

Our family - minus one! She was staying warm in the car with Grandma. :)

Our group (except Grandma and Clare, of course!), including Brittney's friend Nichelle and Chris' girlfriend Alex.

Chris and Alex

View around Bear Lake

The boys had so much fun sliding around on the snow and climbing up rocks - Colorado is a dream come true for little guys!

Dave and the boys

Kim and Brit

Hmmm...not sure what is going on here???

I am irresistibly drawn to my little boy's eyes. Can't. get. enough.

Dave and Si Si

Nichelle and Ethan

Glacier Falls

One of the many elk we saw - there were tons of them everywhere

On top of Trail Ridge Road


Kelly said...

Looks like everyone had so much fun, Rach! Glad you were able to go and enjoy yourself! I love the walking sticks the boys are carrying! Seems as though they were really taking the hiking seriously! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great pics Rach. Thanks for sharing them. Love, Mom

Jessie said...

We loved our trip to Estes too-it's such a great place

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm totally impessed at your energy with a newborn! Way to go, girl! :)

Christina said...

Beautiful pictues - and great memories for your boys!

jenica said...

That's so nice you got to go to Estes! We love that park and I think we have a pic on that same big rock - bear lake right?
Gorgeous pics.

Reagan said...

Colorado is so beautiful and your pictures are awesome!

I am curious if Alex was cold wearing those shorts! Everyone else looks bundled up nicely.

bandanachick said...

Okay so I've never seen an Elk close up before, but I'd have to say that it is SO odd looking! It looks like it has a horse's head! Weird.

Anyways, your pics look gorgeous. I think it is warmer here than it was in Colorado, looks like you guys had a great time though. So glad you got to get away for a little while!

Lynn said...

the boys are so cute with those hats on - love how Si's is pretty much falling over his eyes :)