Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mid summer update

Camp Enosh went well - we are exhausted, but so thankful for the time we had with the campers. We had lots of kids come that we had never met before! Praise the Lord for that!

The boys hung in there and were great helpers. There weren't many injuries, so we had lots of time to play outside and trek around the beautiful campground.

Nate and Ruth are back in town, staying with us for a few days. They fly home to Alaska on Saturday. It has been so wonderful to see them this summer.

So for now, we're busy relaxing by the pool, playing ball in the backyard, playing Wii (thanks, Joe and Jessie!)....oh, and napping. Currently everyone in the house (adults included) is napping, except for me.

It's been a rough summer, eh? :)


Kelly said...

I'm so glad to hear that Camp Enosh went well. I can't wait to hear more about it! Enjoy your time with Ruth and Nate..and enjoy your summer of napping and playing ball!! :-) Love you and praying for you!

Grace said...

That must be why I never get any blogging done, because I am ALWAYS napping. Oh for the end of pregnancy!

So glad you are enjoying your time with family. What a blessing for all of you!

Kim & Dave said...

What a great pic, Rachel!

Glad your summer seems to be going well!