Saturday, January 26, 2008

Staying Home

I have to admit, I am going a little stir crazy in this house. We have had high fevers and nasty colds/coughs since last Sunday. Ethan just spiked a 102.7 fever today, so it looks like we'll be staying in for awhile longer.

Before the fever hit, he did get a chance to head outside to build a snowman with his dad. Of course, with this warmer weather, it melted within a couple hours.

But he was so proud of that snowman!

So how do I keep my kids well? Or me and Dave, for that matter? It seems like we have caught EVERYTHING this winter, and it is getting a little discouraging. It's not like we go that many places either, and my kids aren't in daycare. I haven't been to MOPS in 2 months because of other circumstances that have come up. S0 why are they getting sick so much????

I moaned to my mom about it the other day on the phone, and at her suggestion I bought some Stonyfield Farm yogurt (with 6 live active cultures to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria) last night at the health food store. She thinks their immune systems are probably just really low with all this continued, back-to-back sickness. They also take an immune boosting children's vitamin each day.

So what else can I do?

Never leave my home? Don't tell me that, please, don't tell me that! :)


Michelle said...

Our last two winters were back to back sicknesses. Tabitha spikes HIGH fevers (up to 105). We had her on asthma medication with every sickness. The doctors saw us at least once a week. I tried everything, but nothing seemed to help.

This winter, it seems like everybody else is sick. Even the doctor told me that it's a bad year for everyone. But out kids have not even had a bad cold. We are no more careful this year than previous years (probably less careful!)

I think all older parents can tell you that some winters are just bad. It's not what you're doing, it's just the way it happens. I'll pray for you guys. Hope everyone gets better soon.

A & J said...

Michelle's right. I doubt there's anything you're doing or not doing.
A couple things I watch is the kid's sugar intake (I'm sure you do to)- which can weaken an immune system. Andy and I drink Airborn a lot =). I give it to the kids if they show any cold signs. But of course these things are not guarantees you won't getting sick.
It's not fun being cooped up. I hope you can be encouraged and get a break soon!

Tanya said...

Oh Honey, we can completely empathize! We are all home from Chapel this morning, sick. And we, too have been cooped up for soooo long! I'm trying to enjoy the extra cuddles the sicknesses bring. I hear it's going to warm up this week so get out and enjoy the sunshine...I know that's the best medicine for you!

Christina said...

I completely feel your pain. We had three and a half months of non-stop sickness here and,as well as being physically exhausting, it is so mentally exhausting. Your family is in my prayers.

A few things I've been keeping up with that thus far have helped slow down the spread of illnesses around here:

1)Change the kids pillow cases frequently when they're sick.

2)Disinfect areas that are touched frequently: phones, doorknobs, faucets, toothbrushes, favorite toys/blamkets.

3)Early bedtimes. Little bodies have a harder time recooperating and exhaustion (especially for Kaitlin!) really seems to hinder full recovery and keeps the immune system low and more likely to not be able to fight something else off.

Hope you all (and the rest of you that have mentioned that you've been sick too!) are all feeling much better soon.

bandanachick said...

I am SO sorry you guys have been so sick. I hope the Spring will come soon for you guys and with that will come better health. I obviously don't have any suggestions on what to do, as Austin hasn't been sick much so far. But, we will be praying for you all.
E looks so cute next to his snow man. Much love to you all.

dave & rachel said...

Thanks for the ideas and encouragement. And really, I can't complain too kids have been sick enough to just lay around watching movies all day. It's been pretty peaceful, except that I feel pretty icky myself.

I do try to watch their sugar intake (as Jessie always reminds me, 1 tsp of sugar lowers your immune system like 50% or something!), but I think I consume way more sugar than they do. It's the Dr. Pepper a day habit I have, to my shame. I should give that up.

Eryn said...

uggh, sorry about your rought time. it is hard for me to stay in with WELL kids, and my kids are pretty healthy. they only get sick when we travel to shawna's or katie's :)
i will pray for your family.

Heather Anne Schiete said...

Praying for you Rachel. Your dad said that you were not feeling too well. Get Better!

Anonymous said...

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