Monday, November 12, 2007

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa

Dave and Si

Mom and Dad

Ethan and Grandma

Grandma and Si

Si loves to swing!

Especially when Grandpa pushes him!

Look at that hair!

Fall beauty


Kari-On said...

Lovely pictures Rachel. I can't get over how beautiful the trees are there. We have already lost most of our leaves now, sad.
Do you see your parents often? The boys look happier then ever with G & G.

dave & rachel said...

We usually see my parents about once a month or every other month. Our boys travel easier now, so we have been making the trip more often. :)

Eryn said...

doesnt it seem like the colors were more vibrant and lasted longer this year? i just love driving and looking at the trees.

Kelly said...

Great pictures, Rachel! The fall colors are just brilliant! Looks like everyone had a good time at grandma and grandpa's!

MagenRanae said...

Wow! His hair is amazing! :) Great shot!

bandanachick said...

Great pictures Rachel! Looks like you guys had a blast with Mom and Dad. Si is looking so much older to me.

marti said...

Wow, those colors are amazing! I can't imagine the beauty of heaven! The Lord is so good to give us these small wonderful glimpses of beauty!