Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring cleaning

I was a little bummed on Monday night when CVS was out of the Caress and Lever bodywash that was going to be free after ECB. Bodywash was on my list, and it was going to be great to get it for free. That is, until all the other CVS junkies cleaned out the store on Sunday night. Good grief, people, leave some for the rest of us! :)

Well, of course I don't really mind. I'm glad everyone is getting good deals! And of course I could just PAY for bodywash, but since I know I can get it without paying much, I really cannot handle doing that. Can. not. handle. it. :)

But the story gets better!

I already admitted that I'm loosing my mind, right? Well, yesterday Dave was working late, so the kids and I went down in the basement to start doing some spring cleaning that I've been itching to do. First on my list was Organize the storage room. It's this tiny, unfinished little room in the corner of the basement where we keep EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. But there are lots of shelves, some of them very I knew that organization was possible.

There is a point to this story!

So, I get the whole thing cleaned out and organized enough to designate several shelves to my recent stock-piling method of shopping. Here's the first wall of shelves:

And the other neat and tidy. I love it!

Now wait, go back to that first photo. What's that, right there in the middle of the shelves? Could it be? Let's zoom in, just to make sure.

And there you have it. A bottle of Softsoap body wash, and here I was complaining. Which just goes to show, getting organized is a very good thing!


shawna said...
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shawna said...

very impressive! Organizing is on our list for this weekend. Rex gets the garage and I get the storage room. :) Should be fun.

Lydia said...

Very nice!
I saw that body wash front and center the second I looked at the picture! I thought, "Hmm, she must not like Softsoap." I'm glad you don't have to go without your body wash! I've gotten addicted to that stuff since I started getting it free!

Mrs. Pear said...

Giggle, too funny!

So glad that I am not the only one!

bandanachick said...

Wow you have a lot of good items! I bet that feels good to get that organized!

Scott and Lynn said...

I'm laughing at all the Maalox and other such medicines. I think you'll have to be one very sick family to go through all those meds. before the expy. dates!!! Next time I need some I'm calling Rachel's stock store before I head to Walgreens :)

dave & rachel said...

Yes, you are definitely welcome to, Lynn!

But who in the world takes a lot of Maalox anyway? We don't EVER use medications like that, but those are always available for free and after coupons become the money-makers that allow me to buy everything else. So alas, I *have* to buy them! :)

Good uses for Maalox anyone?

As for the rest of the medications, well, it sure is nice to never have to run to the store when we're sick. It's like having a pharmacy in the basement!

shawna said...

I am currently using maalox! :) Of course I have plenty of my own. There are lots of other uses for it,
you can use it topically for acne wash, and similar to what you would use calamine for. I did a quick google search and it looks like it works for diaper rashes too! :) So there you go....

Kelly said...

HI Rachel! I haven't had a chance to do my normal blogg hopping in a while so it was fun to sit down and get caught up on your lives tonight! Praying for you and excited to see that someone else has the spring cleaning bug too!! Love ya!