Thursday, February 15, 2007

Sugar and stickers make everything better

Grandma saved the day today! Ethan had just spiked a fever and was crying and moaning for all who would listen, when in walks Dave with the mail. Grandma R's valentine packages came in the mail today, and not a moment too soon! Of course, he instantly stops crying and tears into the package. How did she know he needed pages of stickers, a pencil, lots of heart suckers, and a stuffed dog?!!! She's amazing!

Simon enjoyed his dog too!

We don't call him "Slimy" for nothing!

Thanks, Grandma!


Kelly said...

Grandma to the rescue!! Looks like they are having fun with the Valentine package!! And, I'm sure it saved your day, too!! I hope everyone is feeling better!

bandanachick said... fun. Looks like the package arrived a little after Valentines! But hey, obviously the Lord knew the perfect timing! Austin got a little dog too from Grandma, the bark sounds a little scary though...does yours?

Anonymous said...

I am glad they enjoyed their packages. It's fun to see their smiling faces. Amazing how something so small can delight a child! Love, Mom