Thursday, February 15, 2007

Baking cookies

Last week was a particularly "trying" week with Ethan, so on the advice from a parenting website that I frequent, I decided to keep him by my side pretty much all day long. This way, I can really work on his attitude and train him to obey me promptly and with a willing heart. It seems to really help him. I'm laughing under my breath as I type this because OF COURSE it helps, because, left to their own devices, how many kids grow up kind and obedient to authority? Um, of course not. :) Who are we kidding?!! Our children NEED for us to train them to respond the way God wants us to-it does not just happen!

And yet, when you keep your kids by your side all day long, it is a little harder to get things done around the house! :) I find that I have to stay constantly engaged all the time, keeping my mouth moving and directing Ethan to the next thing he can do. This kid moves a mile a minute, so if I pause for 2 seconds, he is bored. So anyway, we had a lot of fun. Late in the day, to pass some time until Dad got home for dinner, we decided to make cookies. Ethan loves to pour the ingredients into the mixing bowl and flip the switch to make it mix. Here's a picture of him getting a spoonful for the cookie sheet:

Apparently he also loves to share with his brother! I had no idea that he had given Simon the mixing paddle, but Simon was in heaven!
Next stop: bathtub!

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shawna said...

I am always reminded of the proverb, (loosely paraphrasing here) "a child left to himself, brings his mother shame," when I am tempted to send them off to play. Knowing full well they need to be by my side.

You won't ever regret tying heart strings.