Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fall Festival

We took the kids to a Fall Festival at a nearby church on October 31st, just to get out of the house. Ethan dressed up as a cowboy, and Simon was an indian. The gym was set up with games around the perimeter, and Ethan had so much fun going from game to game collecting more candy. :)
Here is a picture of my little cowboy from the back.

Wow, he needs a haircut!

Simon especially enjoyed the popcorn balls.

Ethan and his best buddy Camryn

Our chapel friends


bandanachick said...

Wow, is Ethan really that much taller than Camryn or is it just the angle?
Those pics are so cute...looks like they had a good time.

dave & rachel said...

I'm not sure...he's taller, but I'm not sure that much taller. :)

andyandjenica said...

So so cute! Your boys are such sweeties. It was fun to see them "in action" last weekend. =)
We had such fun staying with you guys! We were so blessed by the fellowship and ministry, thank you!

Eryn said...

love the picture of cam and ethan. i, too, enjoyed seeing and meeting your kids. i think that was the first time i have met either one.