Friday, April 08, 2011

It's a Friday and that means Date Night!

Now that things have calmed down considerably, pregnancy wise, we have resumed our date night routine with Rex and Shawna. We started this back when Simon was a newborn, and he is five now. The times we've had to take a short break {due to pregnancies or busy schedules}, the kids have missed it so much.

It is especially fun when the weather is gorgeous and the evening can be spent outside.

I love to sit and watch it all go down, who plays with who, and what elaborate pretend scenarios they come up with. Tonight Camryn started out with Simon, eating their pancake dinner atop the playhouse roof {bad idea with drinks they found out}...but by the end of the night, she and Clare were playing house upstairs by themselves. All the dolls out, rocking them and putting them to sleep. It was precious, and Clare was in heaven! No one in our family plays like that with her!

Brooklyn and Simon often end up together, and tonight was no exception. She suggested Wii, and of course he was all about that. :)

Meanwhile, the first-borns and Dave played some version of HORSE. Dave won't tell me who won. ;)

Date nights make my heart happy. When we go out, yes, but we when stay in too. The friendships our kiddos have developed through these years are priceless. And they are all just a lot of fun to be around.

Continuing with my list of thanks! The Lord is good, and reflecting on the blessing that date has been in our lives reminds me of all the other things I've noticed this week:

55. Spring and the hope that it brings!

56. A lawn greening up in just a few short days - its mowing season!

57. Farm work day

58. The preciousness of a family working together

59. A place for the boys to run and play all day, covered in mud

60. Open windows at night

61. Bible study in our home again

62. A reason to make cookies :)

63. 25 free preschool chairs - God's loving provision!

64. The amazing power of God seen in 80 mph winds

65. A swing set still standing (so many families we know lost theirs)

66. 19 weeks!

67. More good days now than bad

68. Sweet little kicks

69. Sono scheduled for Tuesday

What's your guess?????


Reagan said...


bandanachick said...

My guess is girl...I will be shocked if its a boy for you, but of course excited either way. Can't wait to hear!!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea, but I can't wait to hear! Exciting!


Anonymous said...

I am thinking a girl. Mom

Shawna said...

Girl. Although, I think I might be wrong. :)

Anonymous said...

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