Monday, January 10, 2011

The most perfect Monday ever (at least in a kid's mind)

Today we got our first real snow of the winter, somewhere close to a foot, and school was canceled accordingly. Every little boy's dream come true!

Clare was determined to go out this year, even though I tried to keep her in. Even ventured down the block a few houses and met some neighbors and their dog, her current obsession. Goggies, she calls them. She has no fear.

Only snow could draw this boy away from his beloved wii.

She probably ate way too much of the powdery stuff. I have to admit, I just thought it was cute.

The boys were *snowboarding* down our driveway on their sleds. I tried not to look. Being the mom of boys has required me to bite my tongue on many occasions, this was definitely one of them.

At least it wasn't as dangerous as what the neighbors were doing - flying around the block pulling 2 kids on sleds behind their truck. Um yeah. (but my boys thought it was pretty sweet!)

I have the world's sweetest kids. Did you know that?

It's supposed to snow all night, and we just got word that tomorrow is a snow day too!

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Sarah said...

Little boys and their funny! It amazes me how quickly Joshua learned how to play that system and how good he is already! And it looks like Claire and Lorien have a common love of snow-eating. It is really cute. Glad you were able to enjoy such a wintery-fun time together! These ages are so fun!