Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sitting in the heat makes me nostalgic

We just finished two weeks of swimming lessons.

Clare loved to sit and watch her brothers.

This year was infinitely easier than last year. No newborn melting in the heat, no fearful 3 year old clinging to my leg. I am very thankful for this stage of parenting we are in.

It has its own challenges, I guess - after all, my sweet one year old needs lots of training! But really, life is just a joy right now. I am overwhelmed frequently with just how blessed we are to have these 3 little children, and how quickly our time with them is flying by!

Ethan is swimming on his own now. A sign of the times, I'd say. And he starts first grade here in a few months too. Just growing up so much.

But that's still several weeks away. For now we are just soaking up summer, and having as much fun as we possibly can. I'm resisting the urge to paint our new house, and choosing instead to PLAY with these kids while I can. I love summer!

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