Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Evening hike up Lighthouse Road

We spent our first day at the beach, recovering from the 10 hour flight the day before. There was a 4 hour time change too, so the kids were up before the sun was. We really can't complain though...they did amazingly well on the plane, beyond our expectations, really...and besides, Dave got a chance to take some great shots at sunrise.

We stayed at Bellows Air Force Base on the eastern shore. The little military cabins there kinda reminded us of the housing quarters that The Others had (for all you Lost fans, out there). Cream colored little boxes, scattered along the beach. It was so nice to be so close to the water! We could easily nap babies when they needed it, without having to plan ahead too much. Made for a very relaxing time!

That first evening Michael suggested we go for a hike. I'm so glad he came on this trip - otherwise, I'm pretty sure I would have stayed on the beach the entire 8 days. :) But he kept us moving, and a lot of the activities he suggested ended up being my favorite stuff of the whole vacation.

On the southeastern tip of Oahu was a paved trail leading up onto a cliff with a beautiful ocean lookout. We hiked for a half hour or so to end up with this view.


Austin yelled this every time we met up with them, even if we had only been apart for a few minutes.

Sunset over the mountains.

Sweet daddies who carted these 2 all over the island.

And a sister that I don't get to see nearly enough of...

...made for a wonderful day.


jenica said...

I've been waiting to see and hear a bit about your trip! Must have been incredible to be with the entire family is such a beautiful place.

Love those bijorn babies!
Looks like our many a hikes with Leyla in her carrier. One very memorable one where she pooped up her entire back & Andy's entire front - revealed at the top of the mountain - made for a lovely trek down. =)
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love, love the pics. I'm glad you had such a great time. I especially love the pic of the little girls with their daddies. So cute.


Christina said...

Beautiful pictures! I'm sure it was even better in real life! What great memories to have been able to take such a fantastic family vacation. Hopefully just one of many!

bandanachick said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to see more! I love that one of the boys, Austin just adores his cousins. :)
We miss ya'll!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and good family time!! So glad you got to go - and glad you made it home for Christmas celebrations!