Wednesday, August 01, 2007

This is a fun week!

So this has been an exciting week for deals and couponing. Walgreens is offering some great register rewards on Proctor & Gamble and Novartis products. And paired with coupons, you can get a lot of great household and toiletry products for very little cost, or even free if you have been accumulating store credit on your Walgreens gift card each month. Crystal posts about it here, and there is a discussion here.

Another amazing deal worth mentioning is KMart's promotion on Duracell batteries and P&G products. There are coupons to be found in the store that say "Buy 1 package of Duracell batteries and 2 Proctor & Gamble products, Get a $10 KMart Gift Card." There is a list of P&G brands on the coupon to choose from, like Crest, Always, Ivory, Gillette, Pantene, Olay, and a few others. The Duracell battery 8 packs (and eligible packs of C's, D's, and 9 volt) are on sale this week for $5.50, plus you can use a $1.50 or $.75 manufacturer's coupon when you buy them. And there are plenty of inexpensive P&G products that you can combine with manufacturer's coupons too. I have found it very easy to spend less than $10.00 each time, and still get the $10 gift card! And the best part about this is, after you buy your first transaction, you can use your $10 gift card to buy your next transaction!!!! So that means, no more money out of pocket! This is being called the best battery stock-up in years!

Don't worry about leaving a little extra money on each gift card you get...once this sale is over (August 13th), you will probably have several gift cards with a couple dollars each on them. Use them to buy things you need next month, or splurge and get some Martha Stewart furnishings for your home! Sounds fun to me!


Kari-On said...

Thanks for the news. I will head to KMART today so I can stock up on batteries.

andyandjenica said...

These are awesome deals! I took full advantage of Walgreens. =)

I went to KMart yesterday and they were out of the coupons. You need those right? I'll check back hopefully.

Thanks for keeping everyone on the up & up!

Heather Anne Schiete said...

So, I was thinking of you and your family last night and how much I miss you all! I want to take a road trip to Topeka!!